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Design: dreipunkt4

You can stow away this stool and this table in a cupboard or hang it on the wall where it is very decorative. It folds away neatly to a thickness of only 2.4 cm. It is so versatile that there is always a place or occasion where it can come in useful: at a party, outdoors when tending a barbeque grill or even while waiting in a queue!

Although its sensational folding system employs no fixtures or hinges, the stools and tables can be easily opened out or folded with just one hand. So, in an instant, our folding seat transforms itself into a most practical and attractive piece of designer furniture! The material commonly used in its manufacture is resopal-coated 3F-board, a foldable basic material whose main characteristic is its pliable middle layer, which is inserted between two wooden boards. In the processing of this multi-layered board, the flexible middle layer can be laid open and can act as a rotary axis or swivel pin. Moreover the 3F-board, in spite of its lightness, can match the strength of materials used in any other common furniture of this kind. Light-weight and space-saving, both the stool and the table are nevertheless of extreme stability (load capacity 140 kg) and are therefore durable. Folded it 1,000,000 times and TÜV tested. The stool withstood the impact without problem.

The stool´s unique design and perfect functionality has won many awards: viz

Awards 'falter'

  • The Friedrich-Sulzer-Design-Award (2002)
  • The Sächsischer Staatspreis for Design (2003)

    Awards '3F-Board'

  • Professor-Adalbert-Seifriz-Award for Technology-Transfer (2002)
  • The Innovation-Award of the city of Leipzig for the "wittiest Idea" (2002)
  • The Federal Award for an outstanding innovative handicraft achievement (2003)

    Nomination 'falter'

  • The Federal Award for Design (2004)

    The Take-Away-Stool and -Table are available in five different colours:

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